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Mapping Tutorials

Learn how to map your MIDI controller to Traktor

basic mapping tutorial link

advanced mapping tutorial link
mapping pads tutorial

mapping encoders tutorial
mapping HSB colors tutorial

apc40 mapping tutorial link

DJ Tutorials

pioneer CDJ repair

sound card setup
audio recording tutorial video
youtube video tutorial

Traktor mappings

Download my awesome mappings to use your MIDI controller with Traktor

maschine one mapping

maschine one 271 mapping

maschine fusion 267fx mapping

machine fusion full control mapping

maschine fusion gratify mapping

maschine fusion S4 mapping

maschine full control mapping

maschine effects mapping
APC40 mixer mapping

Traktor Kontrol F1 effects mapping

keyboard track preparation mapping

machine mikro DJ mapping
Numark NS6 traktor mapping

QuNeo gratify effects mapping

QuNeo effects mapping